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Anthony Giles  -  Contemporary English Painter of Landscapes & Seascapes

We live in a world of great beauty. From the tiny perfection of a snowflake to the overpowering colour of an Autumn sunset. In our busy lives we often overlook this incredible world or only notice it fleetingly. As a landscape painter I get to spend my time looking at every colour, shadow and reflection of the world around me and then transfer that moment onto canvas.

Many of my paintings are started 'plein air', even the larger canvasses are often started on a windy beach or marsh in Kent and then taken back to the studio where they are 'worked-up', over several weeks or months, into a finished painting.

My work varies in size from a tiny 6" x 4" watercolour or oil sketch to a recent 7' x 4' canvas for clients who wanted a painting they could "lose themselves in". Often I use watercolour to provide a quick reference sketch but, always, my finished paintings are in oil paint, on either wood panel or linen. For me oil paint is the only medium that gives such wonderful depth of colour and luminosity.

Being greatly influenced by the later work of J M W Turner I use traditional methods of a gesso primer, turpentine colour wash, oil paint mixed with beeswax and turpentine and then several oil and paint glazes to achieve a glowing impasto that conveys the essence and quality of light that only comes from painting on a beach in the middle of a summer squall. Somehow a rain soaked canvas, that has sand and grass blown into it, holds onto some of the magic of the moment and that is exactly what I want from my work. The essence of that moment in Nature when I'm totally absorbed in capturing the image that surrounds me.

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Anthony Giles

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